Survival Skills Everyone Should Know

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Survival skills might be one of those things that you’ve been meaning to learn for years, but not quite got round to. However, according to the experts at Sofrep News, there are some skills that everyone should have – just in case.

They stress that you don’t need to be an experienced Navy Seal to survive in the wilderness for a few hours or even days – and provided a list of the essential skills everyone should have.

First up is being able to build a survival shelter, which is vital as it will help keep you dry and warm – protecting you from hypothermia. Among the top tips is to carefully consider its location – position it on higher ground, away from any rivers or streams – and to make sure that the floor and walls of your shelter are well insulated.

Next you should know how to start a fire – without the use of matches, a lighter or a flint. You also need to have knowledge of finding fresh water and food. Learning about edible plants in your area is advisable, as well as how to prepare them in case there are things you need to do to make them edible.

The article points out that the options you find to eat when you’re in survival mode are unlikely to be the tastiest things in the world, but they will “get you through a situation if the need arises”.

Going on a survival skills course could therefore be the perfect option for a day of adventure activities in Derbyshire.

As a study recently found you get more out of physical activities if you do them with a friend or your family, it’s worth dragging a couple of mates along to join in the fun, or arranging a survival skills session as a family outing in the new year.

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