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How Outdoor Activities Improve Wellbeing

Some people are born to explore the outdoors, get their feet muddy, and chase the adrenaline high with adventure activities in Derbyshire. However, there are some others who are not naturals when it comes to getting their heart pumping in the fresh air.

It is certainly worth giving it a go though, as there are many benefits to outdoor activities, and they are not only good for your health, but can boost your mental wellbeing too.

An article in Scoop Empire looks at the many ways being outdoors can enrich lives, in particular how it enables people to take a break from technology.

While many of us find it difficult to ‘switch off’ from our electronic devices, this can lead to stress and anxiety, as it does not allow time to relax.

“Getting away from the technology will allow you to move more, run, exercise, and combined, these physical activities will translate to a healthier and more fulfilling life,” it stated.

At the same time, if our heads are no longer buried in our phones or tablets, we can spend better quality time with our families. A simple walk in the woods, having a go den-building or exploring nearby caves will give us precious moments with our loved ones, talking with them, laughing at each other, and taking part in teamwork together.

Many people struggle to get back to nature, because they do not give themselves a reason to do so. However, going outdoors can make you feel liberated, calmer and more mindful.

Finally, it stated that getting physical outside has numerous health benefits, whether you go cycling, play football, enjoy a hike, canoe or mountain climb. These include weight loss, endurance, boosting energy levels, and aiding sleep.

The Education Endowment Trust also recently revealed that outdoor activities could boost academic achievement, with the results of the findings published in Independent Education Today.

One In Five Brits Relieve Stress With Outdoor Activities

Brits are looking for new ways to gain a greater balance in their life and lower their stress levels – by getting involved in outdoor pursuits.

According to a study by Heathrow Airport, one in five adults take part in adventure sports to help them enjoy a “real release” from their daily pressures. Among the most popular activities for stress-relief are mountain biking, skiing, and boxing.

A Heathrow spokesperson said: “We could all do with making sure we deal with our stress – and doing something exciting can help.”

It was added: “An activity or trip that takes you out of your comfort zone can help to focus the mind on the task at hand, rather than dwelling on potentially stressful thoughts or anxieties.”

In addition to this, many of these extreme sports involve exercise, which has a positive effect on mental health.

Taking part in outdoor pursuits could be something that interests many Brits, as the survey of 2,000 adults showed three-quarters thought their lives were stressful. It also found 76 per cent believed they have become more susceptible to stress as they got older, which means adventure sports could be a hobby that is enjoyed by people of all ages.

According to the survey, a third say doing something active makes them feel ‘alive’, one-fifth claim it makes them feel ‘completely free’, and 15 per cent believe it ‘gets them out of their own head’.

Taking part in outdoor activities can benefit everyone, no matter what their age. While adults claim it eases their stress levels, it has also been shown to help children with their studies.

Independent Education Today recently reported that pupils who are regularly involved in outdoor learning make four months of additional academic progress.

For adventure activities in Derbyshire, take a look here.

Outdoor Clothes For Your Toddler

Getting children doing outdoor activities in Staffordshire may be top of your list of New Years resolutions this year.

One of the biggest barriers to getting the family out of the house can be access to appropriate outdoor wear. As we say, there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate footwear!

Make sure you have the following so you can get out of the house whatever the weather:


A warm coat

This is an obvious one, but potentially tricky one with a toddler who won’t wear one. If they are fussy forgo the duffle coat for a waterproof puffer jacket type of coat, hopefully with a warm fleecy or fluffy lining to keep them warm.

Consider one with a hood to keep their head and neck warm, or even to keep that all important hat on.


Waterproof all in one

If you want to go to the park in or after the rain, after all, who doesn’t? You should consider an waterproof all in one. This avoids the faff of having to put on a number of different items of clothing



Essential for splashing in puddles! Wellies are an important piece of footwear for your toddler to have in order to both save their normal footwear, and also so you don’t have to stop them going into the areas they want to play.


Hats and gloves

It’s chilly out so make sure your child is kitted out with gloves and hats, particularly on cold windy days.

Give An Outdoor Experience This Christmas

If you’re not sure what to give your friends or family for Christmas this year, consider buying them an experience rather than another piece of tat to go under the tree.

Stylist Magazine recently pointed out that opting for experience-based gifts is something that more and more of us are doing at this time of year. In fact, the publication shared research from Barclaycard last year, which found that 20 per cent of Brits intended to buy people experiences rather than physical presents last Christmas.

This trend is only growing in popularity as more people look for ways to cut back on waste in their everyday lives, not just during the festive season.

It’s a trend that Pinterest also highlighted in its Holiday Shopping Report, noting that searches for sustainable gifts increased by 118 per cent on the platform this year.

The great thing about this kind of present is that there are so many different outdoor activities you can try. Take a friend rock climbing, book a kayak lesson or get a group of people together for a raft building workshop.

There’s something for everyone and it’s also a wonderful chance to spend quality time with your loved ones later in the year. You’ll make some great memories together no matter what you end up doing.

And if you need some inspiration for outdoor activities in Staffordshire, take a look at everything that we offer.

You can go on a high rope tree-top adventure at Trentham Treetop Adventures, or learn the basics of climbing at the Audley Climbing Centre.

Ways To Get Kids Outdoors This Christmas

The weather is turning colder, making it even more tempting to stay at home and wrap up warm in front of the TV. However, parents should not let the frost and snow become excuses to keep little ones indoors over the Christmas period, as there is plenty to do outdoors.

According to a study by Forza Supplements, Brits consume more than 5,000 calories on Christmas Day alone, which would take a 52-mile run to burn off, the Metro reported.

While you are unlikely to complete the equivalent of two marathons during the festive period, it is still important to get involved in some exercise and activity to reduce the effects of all this indulgence.

This is the same when it comes to your children, who are likely to be tucking into chocolates, cakes and sweets more than usual over the Christmas holidays.

One thing your kids will love is making an elf house – building a small den out of twigs, sticks and leaves for Santa’s little helpers.

Parents could also encourage their youngsters to head outdoors by hiding a present in the garden for them to find, Muddy Days suggested.

Should it snow over the holiday and be a White Christmas, kids will love to head outdoors to build a snowman or go sledging. Something else they can do is look for animal footprints in the snow, or make their own footprint paths by walking as far as possible in the white stuff.

It is also a good idea to take a look at outdoor activities in Staffordshire over the holidays, as this will keep them entertained as well as get them moving.

What Are The Benefits Of Outdoor Activities?

If you’re unsure about the merits of introducing more outdoor activities at your school, you may want to take a look at the findings of a study conducted by the Education Endowment Trust.

Independent Education Today recently shared the findings of the research, which showed that pupils make better academic progress if they’re also getting involved in outdoor activities. In fact, the study found that students who regularly get involved in outdoor learning make approximately four months of additional academic progress compared to those who don’t.

What’s more, a further study by Natural England found that 92 per cent of pupils enjoy their lessons more when they’re conducted outdoors.

Even if you’re not able to regularly offer outdoor lessons, introducing outdoor activities like climbing or kayaking to the curriculum could be highly beneficial for your students.

Head of adventure and service at Lomond School in Scotland Caroline Hoole told the publication that outdoor education has benefits beyond the obvious. “Outdoor education is one of the core experiences any child should have regularly. This is especially relevant in terms of contributing to mental wellbeing,” she asserted.

And it’s not only about outdoor activities, but simply conducting regular lessons in an outdoor space.

St Swithun’s School in Winchester has invested in an outdoor classroom that can be used all year round. Headmistress of the prep school Rebecca Lyons-Smith said the school wanted to “encourage teachers to seek out opportunities to increase our outdoor learning provision”.

Earlier this year, the Guardian explained that children need to experience risk during play because this helps them learn essential life lessons.

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