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We need your help in finding the best summer photos at Peak Pursuits! From Friday 2nd August to Wednesday 21st August, you can enter our competition on Facebook! This can be from any of our centres and can include any of our activities from this summer. You can enter as many times as you like before the competition deadline.

The winners will each receive a £50 gift voucher which can only be used on any of our activities at any of our centres anytime within 12 months. We are looking to give these gift vouchers to up to 6 winners. 1 voucher will be awarded for the winning photo of each of our 6 activity centres. If that prize wasn’t enough, the winner’s photos will be used as a poster to promote the relevant activity centre!

To enter the competition, first find our highlighted post about the competition on the Peak Pursuits page or any of our centre pages on Facebook. Like and share the post. Then post and share a photo of you or your friends on Facebook or Instagram enjoying a summer adventure at one of our centres. When posting to social media, make sure to also ‘check-in’ at the centre where the photo was taken. Lastly, add the hashtag #GetPeaked.

Please be aware, by using the #GetPeaked hashtag, you agree to allowing us to share your picture on our social media. Please make sure you have the consent of everyone in your photo before submitting it to this competition.

Go out there and give us your best shot!

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