Terms of Instruction

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Terms of Instruction:

It is important all participants and Parents/ Guardians are aware of the following before taking part in an instructed session with Peak Activity Services Ltd. Where relevant please also refer to Peak Activity Services Ltd Booking Terms and Conditions.


  • Adventures activities such as those undertaken with Peak Activity Services Ltd carry with them an inherent risk of personal injury or fatality. Where possible these risks have been assessed and appropriate control measures put in place to minimise them. This is supported by following guidance provided by National Governing Bodies, The Adventuress Activity Licensing Authority and industry best practices.


  • Peak Activity Services Ltd covers all participants taking part in instructed sessions with appropriate insurance.
  • Details of insurance cover and certificates are available to view at all Peak Activity Services Ltd centres.
  • Peak Activity Services do not accept any liability for the loss or damage of any personal equipment at any time.


  • Levels of supervision will vary according to the needs of the group and programme. This supervision may include remote supervision where required by the activity or programme.
  • Further details on the type and level of supervision can be discussed with the instructor team.
  • In the event of an emergency a Peak Activity Services Ltd approved member of staff may make an emergency decision on the Participant/Parent/Guardian’s behalf, including permission for medical treatment in line with information held on the consent form.


  • Participants must be aware of the need for responsible behaviour and to follow any advice or safety instruction.
  • Peak Activity Services Ltd reserves the right to withdraw individuals or suspend/cancel programmes where it is felt participants pose a danger to themselves or others.

Physical Fitness:

  • Whilst every effort is made to make the activity inclusive and accessible to all, there may be occasions where participants, who are deemed to be unfit to participate in an activity or programme, may be withdrawn by the Instructor at any time in the run-up to, or during the program where it is felt participants pose a danger to themselves or others.


  • For participants operating under DofE Business programmes, information recorded on this form or information resulting from an injury or incident arising from the activity may be shared with the participant’s employers.
  • This information may to be shared in hard copy or electronically with Peak Activity Services Ltd. Leaders, Clients / Schools where required and Medical Professionals in the case of an Emergency. A copy of the companies Data Protection / Privacy Statement can be provided upon request.

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