Traditional Family Pursuits ‘Experiencing A Revival’

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The idea that the modern family prefers to stay inside in front of a screen during the holidays has been debunked by one expert in how we spend our free time.

Speaking to the BBC, entrepreneur and owner of the Brighton Pier Group Luke Johnson believes outdoor activities are being reinvented for a new generation who will be excited to discover them.

If he is right, then why not delight the family with a weekend of outdoor pursuits in Cheshire when the school holidays begin?

“I think traditional amusements are being reinvented for a new generation, because I think people don’t want to spend all their leisure time on a screen – they want to get out of the home and socialise,” Johnson told the BBC.

He said that there are more places than ever for families to enjoy the outdoors together in a way that will engage everybody, with activities such as climbing and mini-golf making his list of great ways to spend a weekend.

Dr Sonia Livingstone, researcher of families’ digital media use at the London School of Economics added: “It’s a misconception that [children] want to be glued to their devices – most of the children I’ve interviewed say that really they’d love to do more fun things with their parents.”

A day of fun outdoor pursuits could make a great gift for children this Christmas.

A report recently highlighted that experiences are a brilliant option that will delight children and help make some really good memories of time spent together as a family.

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