Top Outdoor Ideas For The Bank Holiday

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The first May Bank Holiday is nearly upon us, which means mums and dads all over the country will be thinking hard about how to keep their kids entertained on the extra day off school.

Here are some great outdoor activities the whole family can get involved in that they are sure to enjoy.


  • Archery

Archery is loved by lots of children, with the sport steeped in history and legend. Kids who love to role play can imagine themselves as knights with their bow and arrow, as they learn the proper technique to emulate historical figures.

It is also great for those who may not be good at typical sports taught in schools, as they can take up another skill and develop their control, concentration and aim this way.


  • Kayaking

Kayaking is great no matter what your age, and it is lots of fun to head out on to a lake or river and splash about in the water. It is ideal for kids who do not like getting too wet, as they can stay safe and dry in their seat, as opposed to many other water sports.

What’s more, families who really begin to love the hobby have the opportunity to buy their own kayaking equipment and enjoy kayaking every weekend should they wish to do so.


  • Horse riding

Riding a pony (or, in some cases, make-belief unicorns) is a dream for many girls, but horse riding can be fun for everyone. There are many important skills to be learnt by doing this sport – from balance and co-ordination to working closely with animals.

Indeed, it has huge mental health benefits, as well as physical ones, as spending time outside and taking care of horses raises levels of serotonin in your body, leading to much more relaxed and happy children.

If you like the sound of these ideas, take a look at lots of other things to do in Staffordshire for your kids this Bank Holiday Monday.

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