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With just a matter of weeks until the schools break up for the summer, parents all over the country may be wondering what they’re going to do to occupy their youngsters for the duration of the break.

One thing is for sure, more of us could benefit from spending time in the great outdoors and being active, with the Sun highlighting research from Groupon that shows the average person will spend 35 days of their summer staring at a screen.

If you want to ditch your TV, laptop and smartphone, take a look at our top picks for some of the activities you could try this summer.

Raft building: This is a great option for an unusual and entertaining family day out. See if you can figure out the best way to build a raft and then put it to the test on the water. It’s a great way to get kids to engage in problem solving and you could even take the opportunity to teach them a bit about knots. Of course, it always ends with everyone getting wet.

Orienteering: If you love going for country walks, but your kids get distracted, try orienteering. This is a brilliant way to introduce a bit of structure to your rambles, giving you a purpose as you hike, not to mention presenting an excellent opportunity to teach your youngsters useful skills like map reading and navigation.

Archery: For a precision activity and a bit of friendly family competition, you can’t beat archery. Kids love having the chance to test their aim on the targets and grownups can get caught up in the fun too.

If you want some guidance about what outdoor activities might be suitable for your family, as well as information on adventure activities in the Peak District, give us a call.

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