Top Activities To Try In 2018

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The new year is often a time when people reflect on their lifestyle and consider taking up new hobbies. As 2018 will soon be upon us, we’ve put a list of some exciting activities you can try next year.


Survival skills

Thanks to Ray Mears and Bear Grylls, the popularity of survival skill training has surged over the last few years. While everyone may believe themselves to be Tarzan or Jane, there is a lot that goes into learning how to stay alive in the wild.

From fire-building to foraging for food, you could pick up some great techniques that will serve you well throughout life.

Survival training also lets you get back to nature and utilise skills you didn’t know you have, which is why some people find it a very rewarding hobby.


– Zip lining

You don’t have to travel to tropical rainforests to enjoy a zip lining adventure, and there are plenty of places around the UK you can give it a go.

This outdoor pursuit lets you experience an adrenaline rush like no other, as you fly through the air and take in some of the most spectacular views at the same time.


– Parkour

For those adrenaline junkies who aren’t afraid of risk-taking, you could try your hand at free running or parkour, as it is otherwise known.

This involves jumping over gaps high up in the city, such as across the tops of skyscrapers. Of course, it is important to stay safe at all times, so work your way up to larger distances by leaping across small gaps first.

Leisure activities

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