Things To Do In The Peak District: Mountain Hare Watching

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Getting out and about in the countryside is always fun, no matter where in the UK you are, but with the two May Bank Holidays fast approaching what could be better than looking for things to do in the Peak District?

This part of the country is absolutely amazing, with countless sights and sounds to keep you well entertained for days. But one of our favourite aspects of this particular National Park is the fact that it’s one of the very few places in the entire country where you can actually spot a mountain hare or two.

These stunning creatures are actually native to the highlands of Scotland but populations were introduced to the Peaks in the 19th century. If you’re eager to spot some on your Peak District holiday, make your way to parts of the region covered in mixed heather or cotton grass moorland – they tend to shy away from grassland so you probably won’t spot any there. You’re most likely to see them around Derwent Edge and Outer Edge in the Dark Peak.

Here, you can actually see them in broad daylight although keep your wits about you as they’re incredibly fast-moving. Blink and you could miss them altogether! If you’re really lucky, you’ll spot a couple standing up on their hind legs, batting away at each other with their forepaws!

The Dark Peak estate itself is certainly worth an explore, whether you want to see mountain hares or otherwise. It’s amazing during early springtime – especially because there are so many new lambs bounding about. The kids will love it!

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