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As any manager will know, it can be a challenge to get everyone on your team to work together – and even more difficult to get multiple teams to collaborate across a single project.

But taking your team members into the great outdoors for a day of team building in Derbyshire could be just what you need to help develop trust and encourage greater collaboration.

Boss Magazine has highlighted five things that are vital for improving the performance of your team in the workplace and one of them is to go on team outings that are well and truly outside the office environment.

“Anything that gathers your team and prompts them to start thinking differently is good for team building,” the publication states.

That might involve tackling an obstacle course, going kayaking, or even visiting an art gallery – the point is to take people away from the daily grind and encourage them to interact in a new setting.

Other advice on developing a closer-knit team include designing your office to encourage collaboration, and getting your staff to interact face-to-face where possible rather than simply firing off emails.

HR expert Liz Ryan recently wrote a post for Forbes where she explained that tackling fear and trust are both key to having a successful team building day. That said, she recommends choosing activities that everyone will be comfortable to participate in.

Forcing people to go on a team building day won’t have the positive impact you’re looking for from this kind of time out of the office, she added.

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