Tackling Fear And Trust ‘Essential To Team Building’

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If you want to pursue a successful day of team building in Cheshire, the key to success if tackling the twin issues of fear and trust.

Liz Ryan, a former senior vice-president of Human Resources for a Fortune 500 company, and now a contributor to Forbes said that too often a team building exercise misses the real issues affecting the harmony of a group of colleagues.

“It’s much easier to get everybody together and make them play games than to talk honestly about fear and trust,” she said, adding that when a team building day is being organised, it is important everybody is happy to participate and work together.

Choosing an activity everybody will be comfortable with is an important starting point for selecting your team building activity. While abseiling and the zip line might be well-suited to a very energetic and adventurous team of like-minded people, it’s not for everybody.

If a team is more diverse in ages, personalities and abilities, something like orienteering or bushcraft is more likely to be fun for everybody, resulting in a successful day of bonding and understanding people’s strengths and how they like to work.

“Team-building activities are only useful when everybody who participates wants to be there. There’s no such things as effective, forced team-building,” Ryan stated.

A team building day is also a treat for employees and a fun way to say thank you to a cohort that is working hard and getting results. To plan your next team building day to suit your workers, Peak Pursuits can help you pick the right activity.

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