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We all remember the great school trips we had! Whether it be the day trip that cemented your friendship group or the residential where you first felt grown up and built your self-confidence up! What if these trips and the outdoor education centres that provide them disappeared? How would the next generation including your children and grandchildren get those great learning experiences and memories? What if we could collectively do something to stop that happening?

The good news is we hopefully can and we need your help!

Due to the current pandemic, Outdoor Education Centres are permanently closing with a grave loss to generations of UK children. We need you to help support the campaign to Save Outdoor Education!

Some facts from UK Outdoors:

  • Outdoor education and residential centres have been prevented from operating, some receiving no income since March 2020 due to Government guidance preventing school trips for both day trips and residentials.
  • By Spring 2021 over 2 million children will have missed out on educational visits at a time when the Government acknowledges wellbeing and mental health for young people should be a priority.
  • Outdoor education trips and residentials provide vital lifelong learning with benefits including resilience and perseverance, adaptability and social awareness to name a few.
  • Residential visits are shown to be the most impactful, the moment that changes many children’s lives across the country regardless of background.
  • Around 50 Outdoor Education Centres have already closed or are at threat, with £500m loss in revenue so far.
  • Up to 15,000 jobs may be lost by spring 2021 and 50% of outdoor education capacity will be lost.

That’s a lot of children’s wellies and hiking boots that have stood still and not been active for nearly a whole year!

We want future generations to continue to be able to experience the benefits of outdoor learning and make some great memories.

How you can help?

The Team at Peak want to help the industry through supporting the #saveoutdoored campaign and you can help us with minimal time and effort by doing the key three things below:

Share & Sign the petition:

If you do one thing today, please sign this petition to help get the campaign to 100,000 signatures. Once the petition hits 10,000 signatures it will be responded to and when we hit the big 100,000 it will be considered for debate in Parliament to help get Financial Support for Outdoor Residential Centres during the lockdown closure.

This will help make sure there are still outdoor adventures available for future generations so please hit & share the link to our petition.

Follow the campaign:

Follow, share and like the campaign on all social media including, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Search #saveoutdoored

Share a video:

Do you have a great memory from a trip to an outdoor activity centre? If you do, why not tell us about it by creating a brief video to share the experience. This will help build some great personal memories showing how important Outdoor Learning is. Post the video on social media,  sign off with “Please help support the Outdoor Education Centre sector” and use the #saveoutdoored and #peakoutdoored so that not only the campaign organisers can view your memories but also the team here at Peak!

Thank you so much for your help and ensuring our children have the chance at outdoor education for many years to come!

Team Peak.



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