Peak apprentices achieve through adventure to kickstart their careers in the great outdoors

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Since joining Peak, a group of apprentices eager to boost their career options and enhance their skills and experience in the great outdoors have obtained several watersports qualifications.

These have included the Paddle Sports Instructor (PSI) and Paddle Sport Safer and Rescue course (PSSR) qualifications, which has provided each apprentice with the ability to co-ordinate outdoor activities safely and successfully.

From being complete novices who had never paddled before, or used kayaks, paddleboards, and canoes, the group has thrown themselves into each new experience, picking up the skills needed to navigate, balance, co-ordinate and rescue water vessels, while working as a part of a team.

The group has also learned how to keep each other and the groups they are instructing safe. They have learned about responding to the effect weather can have on water and how to run safe activities in different weather conditions.

Apprentice Fleur said ‘the PSI was great! It taught me how to self-rescue and rescue other crafts, run water sessions, and gave me few game ideas that helped me connect and teach a wide range of groups.”

As well as gaining national qualifications and hands-on experience during their 12-month apprenticeship programme, apprentices are offered an in-house training that includes climbing and high ropes assessments across Peak’s Activity Centres.

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