Have You Discovered The Heights Of Abraham Yet?

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If you’re looking for outdoor activities in the Peak District at the moment, then you might want to make room in your itinerary for the Heights of Abraham, a historic park and garden near Matlock Bath that was originally opened up as a Georgian savage garden back in the 1780s.

Back then, you could get to the top of Masson Hill from the village by following all sorts of fun and winding paths, but these days you can really travel to the summit in style by catching a ride in a cable car.

You’ll enjoy some incredible views of the Derwent Valley and surrounding Peak District from your observation car, so even if you’re an avid walker it could be a lot of fun to hitch a ride to the top. You can always walk it again if you’re feeling particularly energetic!

You can also go on a cavern tour, included in your cable car ticket price. There are two to explore – Rutland and Masson – with the latter winding its way deep underground into the hillside. The perfect learning opportunity for you and your family!

The Rutland Cavern tour will tell you all you need to know about the life of a 17th century lead mining family, with John the miner telling his story and recreating exactly what a working day would have been like back then.

Also make time to check out the Tinker’s Shaft viewing platform near the exit of the Great Masson Cavern. Have a read of the panels nearby giving you information about the importance of the site, the geology and the natural history… a hugely interesting day out for all.

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