Outdoor Activities ‘Not Just For Summer’

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It’s important that you continue to encourage your children to play outside and do other outdoor activities even in the winter.

This is the assertion of an article for Business Insider, which highlighted scientific research that indicates it’s vital for children’s emotional, physical and mental health to spend time playing outdoors.

Speaking to the news provider Dr Robert Murray, a pediatrician, author and board member of Action for Healthy Kids, commented: “Our society has developed a fear of changing seasons, but there’s no distinct indoor and outdoor season.”

He acknowledged that it can feel like more of a hassle to get the whole family ready for an outdoor activity in the winter, because you need more layers and clothing, but he stressed that this shouldn’t prevent you from getting out and being active.

In fact, earlier this year a study conducted by Vauxhall Motors revealed that parents are worried that outdoor skills are dying out among their children.

Map reading and reading a compass were cited as the top two skills that parents believe are being lost, while identifying flowers, lighting a campfire and bird watching completed the top five.

Don’t worry though, as there are plenty of outdoor activities to do in Cheshire, so you’ll be able to find something that’s suitable for the whole family this winter.

Dr Murray added that the most important thing is to simply get outside and get some fresh air. For any parents who are worried about their children getting cold, he advised making sure they’re wrapped up in warm clothing. He also pointed out that they’ll let you know when they’re cold, so stressed this shouldn’t be an excuse to avoid getting outdoors.

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