Keep Warm Outside This Winter

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If you are doing the best team building Staffordshire has to offer then you need to make sure you keep safe and warm when completing any activities outside.

Follow these tips to keep as comfortable as possible.


Keep your hands warm

Your hands are probably where you will feel the cold first so it is vital you take care of these. If you are going out in very cold temperatures you may want to check whether or not your gloves are designed for extreme gold. Knitted high street ‘magic gloves’ may well not cut it.

If you are going to be out for a long time you may need to check out sportswear stores for suitable gloves, and consider wearing a silk liner to keep your hands really warm.


Keep your feet warm

The next to go will be your feet. The easiest way to keep them warm is to invest in sturdy water proof footwear with thick soles.

Couple these with thick, moisture wicking socks and you should be good to go.


Keep your head warm

We all know that we lose most of our heat through our heads, and so we would be foolish to go outdoors all day long without a hat.


Keep moving

It’s important to keep moving if you are out an about in the outdoors all day. If you do have to stop, keep the timings minimal or make a detour to an indoor area.


Take spares

In this country it won’t necessarily be the cold weather that gets you, but the rain instead. If you get wet you will get cold very quickly. Wear waterproofs where possible and take spare socks, hats and gloves.

Leisure activities

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