How To Run A Successful Team Building Day

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If you’re finding that your team is lacking some enthusiasm since coming back after the Christmas break, you’re probably not alone. That means now could be the ideal time to book a team building day.

But it can be difficult to know what will be the most effective way to get people to engage with one another, especially if you have quite a large and diverse team.

A number of members of the Forbes Coaches Council recently offered their top tips on how to run a successful business team building day.

Molly Walsh, of Standout Consulting, said that spending time outdoors can do wonders for everyone and make a difference to how successful your day is.

“Replacing a conference room in your office with a conference room offsite hardly invites ingenuity and innovation. Building in some time in nature – even a short midday hike or an outdoor picnic – will provide inspiration and stimulate creativity,” she asserted.

You could even consider basing your whole team building day around outdoor activities in a beautiful setting, such as the Peak District.

Carl Gould, from 7 Stage Advisors, told Forbes that getting people to do a physical activity can help to build cohesive teams, because of the adrenaline associated with being active.

Open Access Government recently explained why the beginning of the year is the ideal time to get your team out of your office and into a different environment for these kinds of activities.

Among the reasons is that people can experience “social jet lag” when returning to work after the Christmas break, and team building in the Peak District could be just what’s needed to give people focus and help them develop a positive mental attitude at work.

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