How To Be More Active In 2019

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It’s the time of year when many of us start making resolutions with the intention to getting the new year off to a productive and healthy start. One resolution that crops up every year is to be more active, but if you struggle with the idea of hitting the gym, what can you do instead?

A recent article for MedicalXpress offered some advice on how to make resolutions like being more active stick as we move into 2019.

Carolyn Kaloostian, clinical assistant professor of family medicine and geriatrics at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, offered some tips on how to make new habits stick.

One of her suggestions, particularly where exercise is concerned, is to be flexible. She said that if you’ve tried getting into a routine with going to the gym in the past and it hasn’t worked, that you should look for other ways to stay active.

She recommended outdoor activities like hiking or running, as well as other alternatives such as yoga. “The key is to make it fun and engaging,” Ms Kaloostian asserted.

In the UK there are many areas of natural beauty that you can explore on hikes, or through other more adventurous activities such as climbing. Before you sign up for a gym membership in January, take a look at the outdoor activities in the Peak District and see if one of those might suit you better.

Another top tip from Ms Kaloostian is to share your resolutions with friends and family, and if possible to find someone to do activities with as this makes it more likely that you’ll stick to your plans.

Time Magazine recently revealed that one of the resolutions doctors would like people to make in the new year is to be more physically active because most people don’t meet the guidance for minimum activity levels.

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