How Outdoor Activities Improve Wellbeing

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Some people are born to explore the outdoors, get their feet muddy, and chase the adrenaline high with adventure activities in Derbyshire. However, there are some others who are not naturals when it comes to getting their heart pumping in the fresh air.

It is certainly worth giving it a go though, as there are many benefits to outdoor activities, and they are not only good for your health, but can boost your mental wellbeing too.

An article in Scoop Empire looks at the many ways being outdoors can enrich lives, in particular how it enables people to take a break from technology.

While many of us find it difficult to ‘switch off’ from our electronic devices, this can lead to stress and anxiety, as it does not allow time to relax.

“Getting away from the technology will allow you to move more, run, exercise, and combined, these physical activities will translate to a healthier and more fulfilling life,” it stated.

At the same time, if our heads are no longer buried in our phones or tablets, we can spend better quality time with our families. A simple walk in the woods, having a go den-building or exploring nearby caves will give us precious moments with our loved ones, talking with them, laughing at each other, and taking part in teamwork together.

Many people struggle to get back to nature, because they do not give themselves a reason to do so. However, going outdoors can make you feel liberated, calmer and more mindful.

Finally, it stated that getting physical outside has numerous health benefits, whether you go cycling, play football, enjoy a hike, canoe or mountain climb. These include weight loss, endurance, boosting energy levels, and aiding sleep.

The Education Endowment Trust also recently revealed that outdoor activities could boost academic achievement, with the results of the findings published in Independent Education Today.

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