Head Outdoors To Avoid Steep Childcare Costs

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The long summer holidays is an expensive time of the year for most families, whether you are jetting off to sunny climes or spending money on days out for the kids. Those who have to work during the holidays still end up forking out lots, as the cost of childcare has surged by 28 per cent over the last three years.

Therefore, perhaps the best – and cheapest – thing to do with your youngsters this summer is simply to head outdoors and enjoy what nature has to offer.

According to new How Scotland Lives research by Bank of Scotland, parents typically spend £276 on childcare every month, which amounts to £3,312 over the year. This is nearly £800 more than in 2016, showing just how much childcare costs are rising.

Bank of Scotland’s director Ricky Diggings said childcare expenses “can be a major financial burden”.

He added: “Lower income households that don’t have savings to fall back on could find the summer months a more difficult time if they can’t call on friends or family for support.”

According to the findings, grandparents are a significant help to parents, with 46 per cent saying they regularly or occasionally take their grandchildren on holiday, while 29 per cent do drop-offs and pick-ups during term-time.

However, mums and dads who do not live close to their parents and cannot rely on them for childcare might find they have to juggle their annual leave to look after the kids without incurring childcare expenses.

When you are off with the children, there are certainly ways to avoid spending a fortune, from making dens in the forest to pond-dipping in local streams.

You could also enrol your youngster in outdoor pursuits in Derbyshire, which will definitely keep them busy during the school holidays.

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