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Have you tried a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)? The Fastest growing Watersport in the world!

If you pop down to the local beach or waterpark you will see more and more people on Stand Up Paddleboards or SUPs.  It’s an activity where people stand on a floating board and paddle themselves through the water. In fact, supping is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world! During the COVID-19 pandemic, the sport got another huge boost in popularity. People started looking into activities that involved social distancing and with only having the capacity for one person per board Stand up paddling turns out to be an ideal activity for this!

People describe stand up paddling as a great work out for your body and mind. During stand up paddling, you use almost every single muscle in your body, which makes it one of the most healthy sports in the world whilst you enjoy the water and the view at the same time!

Here at Peak, we can get you out on a SUP at Astbury Watersports Centre in Cheshire and Trafford Watersports Centre in Greater Manchester.

Mike Gibbons is one of our SUP instructors at Astbury, near Congleton, Cheshire.  Here are his top tips for starting out on a SUP.

  • Getting on the board – start by kneeling in the middle of your paddleboard, legs shoulder-width apart and get a feel for the balance point.
  • Paddle out into deeper water whilst you are on your knees before you try to stand up
  • Try standing up and pop your feet where your knees were, feet towards the nose of the SUP
  • Don’t hold the paddle like a brush, have both hands on the shaft. Paddle with your core and back muscles, not just your arms. Start paddling as soon as you can to help with your stability.
  • Look ahead. Not at your feet and keep an eye out for other boats.
  • Enjoy it, have fun. Don’t be afraid to fall in.  Practice makes perfect!

For more information and to book a SUP adventure at Astbury or Trafford, head to our Let’s Go Paddle page!


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