Give The Gift Of Outdoor Fun This Christmas

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Christmas shopping is the kind of thing you either love or hate. Are you the kind of person who has all your gifts bought, wrapped and ready to go under the tree by the first week in December, or are you the person dashing around the shops on Christmas Eve in a mad rush to find presents for everyone?

Sometimes the best way to approach Christmas shopping is to think differently about what you’re giving. Do you have to give someone a physical thing, or would an experience suit them better?

A post for recently highlighted the benefits of giving experiences instead of other gifts, with writer Erin Stewart sharing her take on this gift option, particularly when it comes to her children.

“Experiences can be as simple as thinking about gifts that allow your child to do, learn or be something, instead of just another toy that will get used up, played out and forgotten,” she asserted.

You therefore might want to spend some time looking into the various adventure activities on offer in Derbyshire, rather than racing around the shops hunting for this year’s must-have toy.

By taking your child or children for a morning of kayaking, a rock climbing taster session or an hour of archery, you could be helping them find a new passion that will stay with them for the rest of their lives – not to mention the fact that all these activities are a lot of fun.

Ms Stewart points out that the best part of giving an experience is that you can use it to create memories together.

Earlier this month, Retail Week reported that Deloitte predicted a 1.8 per cent increase in their Christmas spending this year, with the average consumer splashing out £544 in total, of which £284 will go on presents.

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