Children Should Be Encouraged To Do Outdoor Activities

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A new report from an all-parliamentary group has highlighted the growing problem of inactivity in children in the UK and stressed that they need to be encouraged to get involved in more outdoor activities.

The Telegraph revealed that the document states parents and teachers should “treasure the young child’s natural inclination to be physically active”, rather than telling them to sit still and encouraging them to have prolonged periods of physical inactivity.

Those involved in producing the report on a fit and healthy childhood are urging the government to rethink its childhood obesity strategy to promote exercise much more. Research conducted by the group found that three quarters of parents in the UK state that their children spend less than an hour playing outdoors each day.

Head of ukactive Kids Jack Shakespeare told the newspaper that we’ve spent too long telling children to be quiet and sit still.

“Children are born to move, but today’s youngsters are instead fed a staple diet of sofa play and screen time, while being starved of outdoor activities,” he stated.

If you want your youngsters to be more active, take a look at the wide range of outdoor activities they can try in Cheshire, or wherever you live. There are dedicated outdoor ed centres up and down the UK, so there’s no excuse not to introduce them to something different like rock climbing, kayaking or even just walking more.

You could pop over to the Trafford Watersports Centre at Sale Water Park this October half term where children can get involved in everything from kayaking and archery to bushcraft and raft building.

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