3 Team Building Ideas To Try This Year

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Running a company can be tricky business and it’s essential that you do all you can to foster a sense of teamwork among your employees so you can be as productive as you possibly can be… which is where team building days can really come into their own.

You can be as adventurous and creative as you like when it comes to deciding on what to do over the course of a day, but if you’re looking into Derbyshire team building ideas here are a few to help get you started. Which one will you pick first?


This is a brilliant activity for getting people to work together and as a team, while having lots of fun at the same time. You can do this both indoors and outdoors, but if you’re all novices it’d be worth finding a local indoor climbing wall centre. And once you all know what you’re doing, a follow-up day outside would be a great idea.

Raft building

Another option that combines team building, problem solving and lots of stunning locations is raft building. Signing up for this will require you to all build a seaworthy vessel together with scraps provided by the Peak Pursuits organisers.

Survival skills

There are many benefits to going on a survival skills training course, including stronger bonds and friendships since you learn to both trust and help others. It also teaches self-reliance and social skills, which could all transfer over to the office once the training day is done.


Leisure activities

Since 2000, Peak Pursuits has specialised in helping children and teenagers reach their potential and exceed their expectations. All of our activities are used as a tool to develop young people of all backgrounds.
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