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Why should you have a corporate event?

Working in teams is amongst the most effective and pleasurable aspects of working life. Yet in all too many cases, the impact of a team is no more than the sum of its parts, and frequently even less. In large organisations, this can be a definite hindrance – but in a small business, where the entire staff may form a single team, it is critical to how the business runs.
According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD), high
performance teamwork ultimately boils down to the quality of the relationships within the team. It is because of the sheer number of interpersonal relationships in any group of people that teams are recommended to have a ‘small number’ of members. That’s why you need Team Building.
Reasons why team building works:
Teams working better together
Teamwork and boosting team performance
Networking, socialising and getting to know each other better.
Competition and bragging rights across teams.
Celebration, team spirit, fun, and motivation.
Collaboration and the fostering of innovation and creativity.
Communication and working better together.
Supports Staff Retention & Satisfaction.
Peak can help you find answers to the question “How do I get sustained high
performance from my teams?” through some great activities.